Relapse Prevention: No More Cravings

90 Day Biophysical Rehab Rids The Addict From All Physical Drug Cravings And Stops Relapse

People suffering from addiction will tell you that their lives would change if they could rid themselves of the overwhelming cravings and urges to use drugs or alcohol. Even those who have been "clean and sober" for months or years after some form of rehabilitation will often say that they are constantly fighting the urge to get drunk or high again.

Cravings and withdrawal are the body's first step to recovery. How long cravings continue varies from person to person depending on how long drugs or alcohol were used, how frequent the use was and the substance that was abused. The toxins from these narcotics get trapped in the body's fatty tissue and slowly release back into the bloodstream over time. This process is never completed in the three to five days most short-term recovery centers devote to detox. Until addicts can completely cleanse their bodies from the toxins, cravings will continue to occur.

These cravings continue to haunt people because the vast majority of the rehabilitation centers in the United States don't include a physical component as the core part of their treatment program. Instead, traditional methods provide only three to five days of detox depending on the type of addiction. That short process only addresses initial withdrawal of getting the addict through the heavy sickness and shock to the body. It does nothing to address the serious and long-lasting cravings that cause many to relapse days, months or even years after recovery.

By doing a long-term treatment program (typically 90 days or more), bio physical rehabs produce a type of cellular respiration to trigger the release of the stored toxic residue that are deep within the fatty tissue of the body. When completing a biophysical rehab program, people will experience a full relief from cravings and urges to abuse drugs or alcohol that previously would have become "re-stimulated" through the body's metabolic processes. Once all stored residue is eliminated, people report that they feel physically the way they did before their dependence and without the cravings drawing them back.

Biophysical rehabs are holistic in nature, which means that besides detoxifying the body, individual counseling is offered to help the person cope with the mental part of cravings that also lead to relapse. Substance abuse is a learned behavior, and the sight of triggers such as paraphernalia can cause cravings. Addiction counselors teach individuals how to deal with stress and problems after leaving recovery by learning various life skills during treatment. This way, one is able to confidently handle those situations that would previously trigger substance abuse. By changing how someone handles different situations, they are then able to live a happier, more productive life.

Obtaining True Recovery

Ending Physical And Mental Cravings Through Biophysical Drug Rehab Therapy

Researchers from the American Association of the Advancement of Science discovered that just thinking about drugs or alcohol or being reminded of the times of being high, trigger intense cravings in the brain. Most centers use group therapy as part of recovery, but that contradicts these findings. Group therapy revolves around recovering addicts telling stories about their substance of choice and what it was like while being "high". Drug and alcohol abuse is often glamorized in these stories, which actually creates cravings for many people in the group. Most people just can't wait until the session is over so they can go out and use again. For this and other reasons, group therapy can do more harm than good. Jose Szapocznik, chair of the epidemiology and public health department at the University of Miami said that the risk of getting worse in group therapy is much greater than the opportunity of getting better.

Group therapy is cheaper, which is the reason why most rehabs use it. It is not used because of results. Individual counseling that patients receive at bio physical rehab facilities is superior to group therapy in ending the cycle of addiction. Though not as affordable as some short-term programs that use group therapy and 12-step treatment methods, the success rates at long-term inpatient biophysical centers are much higher; with the quality of their programs having a more successful outcome. There are even some facilities that will work out payment plans and treatment is covered by some insurance companies. Individual counselors will not indulge patients in talk that will only trigger cravings. They work with patients to determine the root cause of the substance abuse and use a cognitive-behavioral approach to resolve and teach new behaviors to deal with those triggers.

People often choose a recovery method that is the most convenient or the cheapest. But if that program does not adequately rid the patient of cravings, the chances for relapse is great - which means the rehabilitation failed. Short-term, outpatient treatment that incorporates 12 step group therapy is largely not sufficient for people who are looking for serious help. It is extremely important to choose the right therapy that can eliminate cravings. This holistic alternative gives patients the greatest chance for living a life free from addiction.

Recovery from a dependency is a long-term process that can take anywhere from three months to over a year. Behavioral therapies that are offered at biophysical treatment centers can offer the best strategies to help people rid themselves of their cravings and thus avoid relapse. A combination of holistic detox and individual counseling has been proven to be the most effective way to permanently end an addition.

Cravings make it almost impossible for addicts to successfully stop using drugs and alcohol on their own. Substance abuse has a physical aspect that must be adequately addressed during treatment if the cravings are ever going to stop. By eliminating the physical cravings that exist, the chances of long-term permanent recovery become exceptionally high, which leads to people not succumbing to the desire to use again in the future.

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